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Level up your Psychosocial Approach

Combining Motivational Interviewing, Value-Based Goals, and Communication Skills for Behavior Change in Clinical Practice 


Dr. Jeff Houck, PT, PhD, Dr. Dan Kang, PT, DPT, Dr. Patrick McMahon, PT, DPT, Dr. Breanna Becker, PT, DPT


Event Details

Virtual Event

November 13-14, 2021


$250 ($200 Early Bird Special if Registered Before Oct 30th at 11:59PM)

13 CE contact hours will be issued if all pre-course work is completed (8 hours if only attending the course) 

Course Description

Physical therapy providers using behavior change approaches will notice greater influence on patient beliefs, compliance with HEP, adoption of physical activity regimens and resilience when coping with pain. Many short-term behavior-change courses simply touch on basic components of motivational interviewing. Critical skills such as reflective listening and evoking discrepancy, however, are rarely mastered. This course will illustrate the benefits of combining specific motivational interviewing techniques with value-based discussions elicited from psychological theories (i.e. social cognitive theory). Through the integration of audio clips, participants will be challenged to apply and practice skills in response to actual patient dialogue. The skills and theoretical approaches covered in this course can be utilized to enhance therapeutic alliance, assist with psychologically informed care and improve patient commitment to care plans.


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