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The Beyond Bio*Psycho*Social training program is a collaboration between a wide range of talented individuals passionate about improving health outcomes. This training program focuses on using outcomes (e.g. patient reported outcome measurement information system (PROMIS)), psychosocial strategies and theories to move toward person centered care.  The PROMIS measures provide a person-centered measurement platform to assess domains of health across the bio*psycho*social model.  Psychological theories (e.g. social cognitive theory, Client Centered Therapy) provide key concepts and problem solving skills necessary to implement a more person-centered approach. The Beyond Bio*Psycho*Social training program is an effort to share our teams evolving experience treating a variety of people. 


Dr. Houck initiated the Beyond Bio*Psycho*Social platform as a way to communicate and provide online training to clinicians.  Gradually, collaboration’s developed using the PROMIS measures captured the imagination of PT and faculty.  Research studies, clinical cases, and teaching experiences are rapidly evolving as physical therapist adopt a more person-centered approach to care. 


As always, this site will evolve as evidence and experience dictate.  We all hope you find these resources useful in changing the lives of people you serve. 



Jeff Houck, PT, PhD


For all inquiries, please contact  

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